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Govt. of Maha Reg Letter No.- CSW.1094/12355/F.N.107/Sudhar,1 Dt.30/6/1994

University Affiliation Letter No. - NMU/94/5/J-48/6152 Date-13/9/1994


Vision, Mission & Objectives

“We are Bhagini Mandal chopda’s College of Social Work, Chopda, envisage a society which ensure peace, harmony, dignity, justice and equal opportunities to each one for the better development through planned social work intervention with professional cadre commitment.”
“Our mission is to strive for social work education, training and research by uplifting values and mobility of the profession up to the last mass and man within a society.”
Aims and Objectives:-
  • To provide training, knowledge and skill to make professional social worker and develop a sense of civil consciousness, leadership and social responsibilities.
  • To develop ability to observe and analyze social realities.
  • To understand characteristics of social system and their dynamics within tribal and rural society.
  • To develop appropriate society response to people’s need, problems And social issues.
  • To develop critical understanding of the application of legislation, legal process and social policies.
  • To develop ability to examine the process of programme management which would help to improve socio-economic conditions of tribal and rural community.
  • To establish interaction between social scientist, activities, policy Maker and planner through various interactive programmes.
  • To develop organizational structure for resource management.

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