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Govt. of Maha Reg Letter No.- CSW.1094/12355/F.N.107/Sudhar,1 Dt.30/6/1994

University Affiliation Letter No. - NMU/94/5/J-48/6152 Date-13/9/1994




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Our college library is on the first flower consist of more than 9000 volumes of books having work in around 85.85 College library having large collection of books, a variety of journals, magazines and periodicals. Our college library is partially automated from the academic year 2013-14. Our college library held to enhance the knowledge of students by supporting knowledge bank. The library is partially computerized and is well equipped with necessary facilities and resources in the forms of books, printed and online journals, project report etc. the students and the scholar can assess through OPAC, N-LIST etc.

Library Mission:
  • “Read for livelihood and user for complete satisfaction.”
Library Vision:
  • “To provide the every possible latest information to the user in his/her field of specialization.”
  • To purchase, store and develop useful reading material to fulfill the needs of reader.
  • To assist the users in making proper use of library resources and services.
  • To maintain the library infrastructure.
  • To help the user in upgrading their knowledge and information.
  • To help teachers and students to enhance the quality of teaching and learning by providing needful reading materials.
  • To provide effective and efficient service to users.
  • To make the journals available to the students and staff for current knowledge.
Dr. S. R. Ranganathan’s five laws of Library Science

According to Dr. S. R. Ranganathan, there are five laws of Library Science. They are as follows:
1. Books are for use.
2. Every reader his or her book.
3. Every book has its reader.
4. Save the time of the reader.
5. Library is the growing organism.

We strictly follow all the five laws of Dr. Ranganathan each and every time in the Library.
Time of Library
Monday to Friday - 09:00 A.M. to 04:00 P.M.
Saturday - 09:00 A.M. to 01:00 P.M.

The library is closed on Sundays and all public holidays
Library Team
A user friendly team …Is always ready for the development of the library.

Sr. No.

Name of Employee



Date of Joining


Prof. Ms. Kalpana S. Sonawane

B.A., B.Ed., M. Lib. Sci., M.Phil., NET, SET, PhD (Appear)

College Librarian



Ms. Rupali N. Desai

M.A., M. Lib.Sci.

Professional Assistant



Mr. Pravin I. Salunke

B.A., M.C.M., B.Lib.Sci

Professional Assistant



Mr. Sunil S. Mali

B.A., M.S.W., B. Lib.Sci.

Library  Assistant



Mr. Ajay R. Bari

B.A., M.Lib. Sci.

Library  Assistant



Mr. Paresh D. Chitte


D. Lib.

Library  Assistant



Mr. Pramod N. Wagh

B.A., M.C.M.




Mr. Ajay S. Bhat





Library Advisory Committee
Advisory committee is an essential body required for the library. We have advisory committee appointed by principal. The principal is the chairman and five teaching staff are members and Librarian is the secretary of this committee. A library committee is concentrated on budget and then they decided to purchasing of new books, periodical and furniture. The committee to look after the students demands regarding library facilities. Minimum two meetings are held annually, the first meeting is held in the month of July or August and second in the March or April.
Role of Library committee
  • The library committee meets periodically to discuss the following issues.
  • To control all activities of library.
  • Control on utilization of budget.
  • Computerization of library.
  • Purchase of books, as per demands of various departments.
  • Allocation of work for library staff.
  • Books issuing to students and staff and provisions of book bank.
  • Verification of expenditure made on books and journals
Library Committee Year 2019-20 to 2021-22

Sr. No.

Name of Member



Dr. Ishwar Mangilal Saundankar



Prof. Dr. Anant Vinayak Deshmukh



Prof. Dr. Vinod Ajabrao Raipure



Prof. Dr. Ashish Subhashlal Gujarathi



Prof. Dr. Rahul Yashwantrao Nikam



Prof. Dr. Maroti Nivarutti Gaikwad



Prof. Kalpana Shamrao Sonawane


Technical Information
  • Library use Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), 19th Ed. systems and books arrangement is broken order systems.
  • Our Library is well equipped with Social Work related books Reference books, Journals, Periodicals & Newspapers etc.
  • The College has partially automated library using VRIDDHI software with OPAC and Internet facilities.
  • E-resources are used through N-List. (INFLIBNET)
  • Open Access System for the teachers, the post graduate & research students
  • Books borrowing are Newark charging system & computerize circulation
Highlights of the Library
  • Orientation programs for the users of library are also arranged for new Comer Students.
  • Inter library loan facility is also available for other college staff.
  • We have sufficient good books, Numerous magazines, Reference Books and Newspapers
  • Reading room for staff and students.
  • Periodical past volume are bounded and made available in library.
  • Immediate reference service for student and staff.
  • Library provides additional books to the studious and meritorious Students issued on their I-card.
  • To maintain the smooth and efficient functioning of the library. Library Committees are set up every year and according to their suggestions the library functions.
  • Classification of books in the library according to Dewey’s Decimal Classification.
  • OPAC Facility available for Students and Staff.
  • If the books are lost, library recovers the same book or double price of the books.
  • Various General Knowledge books and periodicals available in the reading room for student.
  • We are providing library facility for Research Scholar.
  • We are providing library facility for our college ex-students.
  • Library covered in fully CCTV.
  • We are participation N-List programme
  • Book Bank Facility available in the library only for merit students
Best Practices:-
  • The Library Best Reader Award is given to the student based on how he or she has used the library.
  • Display of New Arrival
  • Newspaper clipping filing on various issues.
  • Book Exhibitions on Special Occasions
  • All the staff members gift the books to the Library occasion of his/her birthday.
Library Resources

No. of Volumes


No of Titles


No. of Donated Books


No. of Journals/Magazines


No. of Bound Volumes


No of CDs and DVDs


No of Thesis (BSW&MSW)


No of Dissertation


No. of Newspaper


E –Resources
Syllabus - Click Here
Thesis List
BSW  - Click Here
MSW - Click Here
Library Rules & Regulations
  1. Student submitted their Admission Receipt to the Librarian then Issue I-Card & Library Reader Card.
  2. Student must have their Identity card with them in the Library.
  3. The Students put their equipment’s at the counter while entering in to the Stack Room.
  4. Each Students will get to books for seven days on their reader Card.
  5. Librarian has right to give Books on special demand for shorter period.
  6. Over dues charged for books issued after 7 days shall be Rs. 1 per Book per day.
  7. If a Book is lost a student should have to pay the double price of the same book or should submit the new copy of same book as early as possible.
  8. Reference material should not be taken outside the Library.
  9. Register your name and sign entering into the reading room.
  10. General Knowledge Books and Periodicals are issued against Library cards/I-Card for Reading in the Reading Room.
  11. Student will follow the OPAC for getting more information about subjects.
  12. Reader ticket is not transferable.
  13. Silence shall be strictly of the Library.
  14. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the library.

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